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Turkish Coffee Night

We had our annual Turkish coffee night on March 14th at the Turkish Cultural Center in West Haven CT. We had a large amount of guests from different types of fields. The program stated with remarks from Omer Faruk Kizilcik Director of the Cultural Center and followed by informational presentation of Turkey and Turkish cultural and history.

We also had Turkish marbling the art of Ebru demonstration. Participants also enjoyed the Turkish food, Turkish tea and lastly they tried Turkish coffee. For some guests it was their first time tasting Turkish food and Turkish tea. Below are some of the comments that our guests posted on the social media.
“Had so much fun at Turkish coffee night! We learned about Turkish culture and had an amazing feast (for free) and bunch of new friends”

“I did try the coffee and it was very different than anything I’ve ever had, strong and sweet at the same time, it was good”


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