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The Fourth Annual Turkic Day held in CT State Capitol

The Fourth Annual Turkic Day organized by Turkish Cultural Center Connecticut (TCCC) and Council of Turkic American Associations (CTAA) took place in Connecticut State Capitol on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 with a great participation.

The reception was opened with US national anthem and followed by the remarks. Omer Faruk Kizilcik, president of the TCCC delivered his welcome speech and extended his appreciation to the state capitol and organizing committee for making the event happen.

Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz delivered his remarks on behalf of the Host Committee. He expressed his feeling about Turkish culture with these words: ‘I hope you take the time to educate many of our members here and also engage in conversation. Because before I had not been engaged by this organization, my familiarity of Turkey itself was very limited. Over the past few of years, it has really grown and I really have come to appreciate your country.’

Attorney General George Jepsen welcomed the audience and talked about his experience of his trip to Turkey. ‘What makes Turkey so special is its rich culture and history. You go to any village or city; bottom layer would be from the times of Alexander the Great, the Greeks. Next layer is from the Roman times, Byzantines and Ottoman Empire.
I love the food in Turkey, such a rich cultural experience. I suggest anybody who has a chance and looking for some place to go that is challenging and interesting, Turkey is the place that you want to be.’ said Jepsen.
Both speakers Majority Leader and Attorney General indicated that they look forward to going back to Turkey.

This year The Connecticut General Assembly has issued a citation in recognition of Khojaly massacre which took place in 1992. Deputy Speaker Kevin Ryan read the citation in recognition and commemoration of 22nd Anniversary of the Khojaly massacre. Some of his remarks were: ‘We joined with our friends in sorrow. We do have a citation acknowledging this incredible tragedy of Azerbaijan. The entire membership extends its very best wishes on this memorable occasion and expresses the hope for continued success ’.

Deputy Speaker Rep. Kevin Ryan presented the citation to Mammad Talibov, Counselor of the Embassy of Azerbaijan. Mammad Talibov expressed his feeling as:
‘We all see what is happing in our part of the world, in Ukraine for example. This is extremely important that we once again stress how important the relations with USA and Azerbaijan. In particular, this is also very important to see that Great State of Connecticut is with us. And thank you so much for presenting this citation. This is important part of our story, tragic day. But we do hope that together with the strong partnership we can make it possible to bring peace, stability in our part of the region together side by side with United States. ’

TCCC served several dishes from authentic Turkish cuisine to the guests. The program also included a Turkish art exhibition, live Ebru-art, and Turkish Calligraphy demonstrations.

The program was hosted by the Connecticut legislators: Majority Leader Rep. Joe Aresimowicz, Deputy Speaker Rep. Kevin Ryan, Deputy Speaker Rep. Peggy Sayers, Assistant Deputy Speaker Rep. Lou Esposito, Deputy Majority Leader Sen. Andrew Maynard, State Rep. Kim Rose, and State Rep. James Maroney.

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