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TCCC President’s 9/11 Address

Dear Friends,
As we left behind the tenth anniversary of the September 11th, we, Turkish Cultural Center Connecticut,  would like to reflect upon the terrible terrorist attacks and honor the loss of that tragic day and recognize those who showed tremendous acts of resilience and compassion that prevented even further disaster on the 9/11 and since.
Once again, we condemn the brutal terrorist attacks in the strongest terms. We believe that our nation must stand united against those who are involved with terrorism by any means, and plant seeds of fear and hatred in the community. As the Turkish Cultural Center Connecticut, we believe we must summon the spirit of dialogue, understanding, and respect, on an everyday basis, firmly and consistently, to grapple with extremists’ and terrorists’ vision of a world of fear and hatred.
The events of the September 11th were extremely tragic for many of us on a personal level as we lost our loved ones. While the 10th anniversary is a time of sorrow, we cannot disregard how communities around the nation came together as one, demonstrating the strength of the human spirit after experiencing unimaginable loss.
Resilient and compassionate communities are the foundation for a strong, wise, and vibrant nation. They are also our strongest assets when faced with further tragedy, ranging from economic, social, natural and man-made disasters. We must strengthen our relationships across communities to withstand, respond, and recover from catastrophic events, especially the ones that threaten the harmonious co-existence of our diverse backgrounds.
As we mark this solemn anniversary, let us once again call upon the spirit of dialogue, understanding, and respect – necessary characteristics of resilient and compassionate communities. And let us show that dialogue and understanding are enduring virtues – not just for one day, but for every day.
Under these thoughts, Turkish Cultural Center Connecticut and Peace Islands Institute, cordially invites you to the “9/11 Commemoration Programs” which will be held throughout the State of Connecticut. There will be prayers, speeches and recognitions. You will find more inforamtion on these upcoming events on our website.
Nebi Demirsoy
Turkish Cultural Center Connecticut