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“Noah’s Pudding” Day

On Nov 22 , Turkish Cultural Center Weekend School organized a “Noah’s Pudding” party for students and their families at the West Haven branch.

The day of Muharram 10, first month of Islamic calendar signifies many events for Muslims and Christians, amongst the most significant being the day of Noah’s Ark set on dry land. After weeks on the ark, the waters began to recede and food stocks dwindled. There was not enough food to make a decent meal, thus, Noah gathered everyone together and threw bits of everything they had left into a delicious meal.

Being the oldest dessert in the world, Noah’s Pudding, or Ashura is a sweet, healthy dish made of a mixture consisting of grains, fruits and nuts. The day of Ashura is a culinary tradition of Turkey as well as many of the surrounding countries in the Middle East. Each year, people cook Ashura, in remembrance of Noah and God’s mercy on him and the believers and it is shared among neighbors, friends and families.

On Saturday, students at the center participated in an art project transforming messages of diversity, friendship, unity, communion, sincerity, tolerance, respect and blessing as a symbolization of the traditional dessert. After decorating the ingredients, pot and the meaningful messages Ashura represents, students enjoyed the delicious meal with their friends and families.

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