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Meat Drive Ceremony with Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra

On Tuesday, October 6th, Turkish Cultural Center Hartford Branch held its Annual Meat Drive Ceremony together with Hartford City Mayor Pedro E. Segarra.

The gift of 264 pounds of ground meat was donated to Foodshare organization of Greater Hartford to be distributed to the less fortunate living in the area.

On behalf of Hartford City, Mayor Segarra accepted the donation of meat and thanked Turkish Cultural Center’s international work around improving relations and contributions to cultural and educational awareness, “Although I won’t be here after this term, on behalf of the Hartford City, I want to say that I have been thankful to be a part of your projects. Up withstanding the high level of wealth in the state, we still have a lot of people who go to bed hungry, most especially the children. Thus, your donation to the City of Hartford means a lot. We thank for the work that you do. Foodshare and Turkish Cultural Center is a great match and I hope that you continue your partnership in a fight against hunger for years to come.”

After remarks from a representative from Foodshare, Mr. Jim Palmer and Turkish Cultural Center’s executive director, Mr. Mehmet Erdogdu, the ceremony ended.

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