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Hartford Thanksgiving Celebration

On November 23, 2013 TCC Hartford members and volunteers were invited for a Thanksgiving lunch organized by our recent cooking class graduates. Our lovely students prepared a classic American Thanksgiving Celebration for their volunteer chefs who had been teaching them the secrets of the Turkish cuisine. We switched gears and let chefs be students for this day to learn about Thanksgiving tradition.

This was an amazing get together for everyone. Sharing mutual understanding of both Turkish and American culture along with exchange of our stories made this day very special. Our chefs and TCC volunteers learned many great things about the Thanksgiving culture. It was an honor being together to show gratitude and thanks. In addition to importance of this day, the traditional dishes served and the delicious turkey made this day even more memorable. We hope to celebrate this holiday together in the future as well.

Special thanks to Nancy who opened her doors and hosted us for the holiday as well as everyone who helped out.  We thank everyone for organizing such a special and lovely event for us!

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