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Hartford Rumi Night

The TCC Hartford hosted Rumi Night on February 22, 2014, enjoyed with friends and community members of Hartford area. We gathered together learning about who Celaleddin Rumi, also known as Mevlana in Turkey, is and his philosophy of love that embraced everyone in the universe. The night began with  State Chaplain Durmus Ali Avci’s brief presentation on Rumi’s early life and his inspirations. He talked about the works of Rumi and his contributions understanding of tolerance.

Rumi is also quoted as  “a man of words as much as a man of silence. He was an orator who did not preach. He was a believer who did not pass judgment on those who did not share his beliefs. He was a scholar and yet knew that one could learn more from the heart than from the mind. He celebrated diversity and interconnectivity, standing in stark contrast to those who claim that Islam is essentially incompatible with Western culture.” by the New York Times Op-Ed.

Guests also get to see a live demonstration of Ney, (Reed Flute) a traditional instrument popular in Sufism by Mr. Ates who played several pieces for us.

TCC extends special thanks to our lovely guests & volunteers contributed to this night with delicious treats.