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Fire Department Conference at Connecticut

West Haven, Connecticut – Last week, the chief of the West Have Fire department and a firefighter visited the Turkish Cultural Center at Connecticut to inform the Turkish community about fire safety and answer questions.

Matt, who started off as a volunteer and now has been with the fire department for 35 years informed the audience about fire extinguishers. The fire department strongly recommends every place to have its own fire extinguisher. In a case of a small fire, the homeowner is advised to use the fire extinguisher to control the fire. However, if the person is not trained about how to use a fire extinguisher or the fire is too big to control, it is critical to call 911 as soon as possible.

According to Matt, kerosene heaters are not allowed in West Haven. In the State of Connecticut, it is mandatory to have at least one smoke alarm in the vicinity of the sleeping area. The dangers of carbon monoxide were also mentioned. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that is not easily detected. Matt emphasized the importance of having a carbon monoxide detector.

West Haven Chief James O’Brien informed the audience of volunteering opportunities at the fire department. O’Brien said anyone between the ages 13 and higher are welcomed to volunteer. “When you turn 18 you can become a volunteer fire fighter. With the proper training you can do everything that a fire fighter can do- except getting paid,” said O’Brien.

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