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Filed Trip to TCC West Haven

On Thursday morning, February 27th, 2014 students from the Mauro-Sheridan Middle School, a public school that teaches pre-K through 8th grade in New Haven, CT, visited the Turkish Cultural Center for a field trip.  There were about 37 7th graders and 5 teachers.  The young students wanted to learn more about Turkey and the culture.

A presentation by Fatma Demir captured the students interest.  They learned about the geography, history, culture and some famous landmarks in Turkey.  Students later were quizzed on the presentation and the right answer was awarded with Turkish chocolate.
Gamze Ceylan demonstrated Ebru art to the kids and they had opportunity to try and take home some of the designs.
Students enjoyed the lunch that was served which was kofte (Turkish Meatballs) Broccoli and pasta dish, French fries and chocolate dessert prepared by Mahiye Aksu, Ilknur Aciker and Nuran Uzun.
The students and teachers expressed their gratitude and received souvenirs before they left!

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