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Donations of Meat to Hungry

As Turkish Cultural Center, we celebrated the Feast of Sacrifice on Oct.15-18.
Feast of Sacrifice is the time when Muslims sacrifice an animal, in remembrance of Forefather Abraham, to donate most of its meat to the needy. It is a festival with many social aspects: the pilgrimage, the sacrifice of an animal, remembering and helping the needy, and the reunion of visiting relatives, friends, and neighbors.

After the holiday celebration; TCC  made fresh meat donations to CT Food Bank and  Foodshare to serve our Connecticut community.
We were accompanied by New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. and Deputy Speaker Peggy Sayers for the meat donations.
Here is the link for the media coverages of the events:


Meat_Drive (1) Meat_Drive (2)

Meat_Drive (3)